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Deciding to build can be a daunting task.

What do I want to build?

What am I allowed to build?

What can I afford to build?

Let us make things easier...

Kent Lyon Architect offers an affordable Feasibility Study option for clients to help determine the fundamentals of their idea, without having to commit the time and money in the full architectural service from the outset. Our Feasibility Study involves a site investigation and consultation meeting, helping new clients determine their spatial requirements, establishing the best location for the building, reviewing any potential town planning complications and formulating the project budget.

The Feasibility Study is entirely obligation free, and if you choose to proceed with your project, the fee of the Feasibility Study will be deducted from our architectural design fee. It's our way to ensure our clients feel comfortable with the architectural process before investing their time, effort and money. 

Architects Planning

Want to know more about the design and build process with Kent Lyon Architect? Every project is a little bit different, but click through for an overview of the standard process for a residential project...


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